You can find our limes in


Many restaurants value our limes for the zesty flavor they can bring to their cuisine. If you would like to make your restaurant more appetizing we can help you.


Limes have become a must have for any bar. Although we are one of the early birds to start supplying fresh limes each season doesn't mean we don't know how to have fun.


Our delicious and intensely flavoured limes are seedless are sort after by supermarkets wanting fresh high quality fruit. With over 7000 trees we are able to supply your demand.

100% Kiwi Owned & Grown

More and more consumers are wanting to know  where their food is coming from, and whats going in to the food they are eating.

The Limery is a New Zealand owned business and we grow all of our produce in Hawkes Bay. The world recognizes that NZ has some of the best Fruit and Vege on the market. We are proud to be 100%  pure NZ

We are proud that we are pesticide free and we work hard on our environmental footprint so we can provide some of the best citrus products available.